Gosh, I love the flowery language they used in California Highways and Public Works when the engineers described the opening and development of new freeways.

“Ever since a group of dedicated Spanish padres established El Camino Real as their inter-mission thoroughfare, its route has dominated the southern California highway scene,” wrote Dallas Dickson, a highway engineer tasked with doing a roundup story on the construction of Interstate 5 in San Diego county.

“Call it by its Spanish name, which means ‘The Royal Road,’ or by the popular but now inaccurate ‘101,’ Interstate Route 5 is easily the most important single route in the southern part of the state.”

He takes readers on an imaginary drive from the Mexican border to Oceanside on a wonderful band of concrete that was still in the future… about two years in the future from when this article was written in early 1965.

Some swell pictures and gushing prose about the landscaping and other features ight be enough for you to enjoy sitting in traffic on The Royal Road.


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