CBS Sunday Morning today had a great story on the contribution by the 1930s-era Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and the work it did building roads and buildings in national parks.

The CCC was very active in San Diego County during the Great Depression, building and improving roads. Its teams (mostly men)  also built buildings, such as the Pine Hills Barracks, which just happens to be on the route of my Curves, Dirt and Cuyamaca book for Amazon Kindle.

The barracks, which I believe are still standing, “was one of the earliest guard stations constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) as part of the Depression Era economic revitalization plan by United States Government. Of the more than 50 other CCC/Depression Era structures within Cleveland National Forest, the Pine Hills Barracks maintains the best overall integrity,” says the Library of Congress entry with the photo. There’s no date on the photo.

For a 4th of July experience that avoids crowds waiting for fireworks, make your San Diego day trip special and head on up to Descanso and Boulder Creek Road. It’s a great trip to enjoy what is one of this nation’s greatest legacies, our preservation of open lands.


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