We have a small family and when I was growing up, some years we’d  skip the traditional food-fest and go for a ride. One of our favorites was to wander around Rancho Santa Fe.

The exclusive community near the center of San Diego County is full of beautiful estates and wandering roads. Tall trees frame the roads and it’s always fun, even today, to slow down and see what you can see up the long driveways.

In those days, The Beverly Hillbillies was a new show and we’d see if we could find a house that looked like the Clampett’s mansion. We couldn’t, because tight design regulations don’t allow beaux arts-style of what’s known as the Kirkeby Mansion.

There were, and still are, a few restaurants in the town at the center of this early planned community, but they were out of our price range. So, some years we’d pack a lunch, or stop at Jack in the Box or whatever was open, or go for the drive and have a “normal” dinner at home.

Want to take the same drive? You can do it today with Roads of the Ranch, my Amazon Kindle book that you can download right now for just $2.99, free if you’re an Kindle Unlimited member. It’s also in Joyrides Around San Diego, the print version of the San Diego County Kindle drives that’s just $12.19 on Amazon and Barnes and Noble as I write this. List price is $19.95.

So, from me and everybody connected with Joyride Guru®, have a happy turkey day… and get out for a drive!


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