I’ve had some really nice comments on Amazon.com from readers — actual folks who spent their hard-earned cash on Joyrides Around San Diego.

Here are some samplings.

  • Easy to follow and terrific resource for sports car drivers and outings with elderly family members.Dietrick L
  • It shows the area’s around San Diego that we really overlook! Great Maps and all. — Amazon Customer
  • If you live in San Diego, and miss those Sunday drives of yore, this is the perfect book to get you motivated! — Margaret E. Hunt

They go on from there, and they’re real. Amazon has taken great effort lately to make sure that folks who review have to have purchased the book.

Of course, there’s always one in the crowd, a reader who didn’t like it at all. She said she and her husband had been on all these roads before.

Good for them. I’ll have to contact her and find out some roads she hasn’t been on. In any event, I hope you have — and enjoy — your copy, and get out and take a San Diego day trip on our wonderful, less traveled roads.


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