’s popular “Look Inside” feature is now available on Joyrides Around San Diego.

Some sort of technoglitch kept it from appearing; it supposed to be available within a couple of weeks of publishing, but the clock started on October 27 and it wasn’t enabled until yesterday. I finally got to a supervisor at Amazon’s customer service who made it happen.

“Look Inside” is a feature that allows prospective buyers to browse through a few pages of a book and see if it’s something they want to purchase. It’s a neat experience… see the book before you buy, almost as good as browsing in a bookstore.

The Editorial Reviews section on the Amazon listing has also been updated… and about a week late. There was also a problem with the link I provided on this site to Amazon; it was requiring a Captcha check, one of those annoying things that requires visitors to type in the jumble of letters they see in order to gain access to the page. Don’t ask me why that happened.

By the way, if you want to start your San Diego day trip by stopping off at a bookstore—the brick and mortar variety—to pick up a copy of Joyrides, the Barnes and Noble locations at Grossmont Center and Rancho Bernardo have it in stock, according to the Barnes and Noble website. Thanks much to the managers at those stores!

The response has been great to Joyrides, but this is my first time in the self-publishing and publish-on-demand world, so there has been a learning curve for me. There’s about a thousand details and I’m still learning about how to handle them. In the meantime, enjoy the book, which today is No. 10 in San Diego Travel Books. It’s also No. 1 in the Most Wished For category… don’t wish, buy!


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