A restored ’65 Pontiac GTO isn’t that unusual sight in Southern California, but this particular GTO, driven by these particular guys, on a lonely road in or just outside the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park does have a story with it.

One of my favorite car shows is the UK’s “Wheeler Dealers,” where Mike Brewer buys the cars and Edd China fixes them up. It’s shown worldwide and has an estimated audience of 200 million.

Last season they moved across the pond for a season of shows taped in the US, seen here on the Velocity channel. Their home garage was in Huntington Beach and the first car they fixed up was a second-edition GTO.

Where did they go to test drive it?

“We need to know that the GTO can handle the heat,” said Brewer in the show’s voiceover, “so we’ve come to a hot place—Borrego Springs—to test it.”

I caught the show on rerun lately (the new season, their 16th, is starting to air) and was surprised by what I saw and heard. Hey… 200 million people just saw our desert.

If you’re not looking at the car, check out the road and the scenery on the video. It looks to be the Borrego-Salton Seaway, a road you’ll experience in Beautiful Badlands. Yes, it’s a plug for one of my Kindle books but I suspect that Mike and Edd wouldn’t take the GTO out the sandy road to Fonts Point.


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