Looking for a copy of Joyrides Around San Diego? Even overnight delivery isn’t good enough, because you want to drive today?

Visit Barnes and Noble stores in the San Diego communities of Mira Mesa and Rancho Bernardo (Carmel Mountain Ranch), and La Mesa’s Grossmont Center where you’ll find a copy right on the shelves, according to the Barnes and Noble website.

In this digital age, it’s good to remember that good old brick and mortar stores are there, ready to serve you, and give you instant gratification for just $19.95. Take off from the store on your Joyride; there no need to wait!

The locations:

It may also be at your local, independent bookstore or another B&N location; I just don’t know about it. So, go and ask; they should be able to order copies for you.

There’s also the Amazon Kindle option if you still want to go digital. Each individual chapter of Joyrides is available online for just $2.99. Pick the one you want and take off on your San Diego day trip.


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