A No. 1 hot new release on Nov. 4, following hitting the top list after just over 24 hours on sale, Joyrides Around San Diego is one of the top sellers in the online behemoth’s the San Diego travel books category.

This collection of drives takes you from the desert to the beach, from Palomar to the U.S.-Mexico border on lesser-known routes, twisting highways and unpaved public roads.

Here’s what you can explore:

  • Towering Old Highway: A run across the nearly empty old U.S. 80 in southeastern San Diego County.
  • Quintessential California: Old U.S. 101 was once the main route to Los Angeles. Today it’s a wonderful drive along the beach and through still-quaint beach towns.
  • Journey to the Stars: There are three ways up to Mt. Palomar, home to one of the world’s largest telescopes. There’s also camping and some fantastic twisting roads—but only two of them are paved.
  • Spectacular Sunrise: The newest in the Joyride Guru® series, takes drivers over the only National Forest Scenic Byway in San Diego County, Sunrise Highway. This new trip will be published and available on Amazon Kindle in November but is in the print Joyrides Around San Diego today.
  • Jaunt to Julian: Think you know how to get to San Diego’s favorite gold rush-era town? Think again. There’s not only apple pie in the mountain community, but some great roads and hidden parks nearby.
  • Curves, Dirt and Cuyamaca: Exercise that all-wheel or four-wheel-drive vehicle on an easy, unpaved road before visiting the spectacular Lake Cuyamaca and Cuyamaca Rancho State Park.
  • Crazy Couser: Find out what one local sports car club labels as their favorite road, plus visit a classic-car museum just north of Escondido. End the day with one of the best burgers you’ll find.
  • Roads of the Ranch: Visit a community of the “one percent” that harkens back to the days of Old Spanish California… that never existed. Find out what happened when a railroad found out the trees it planted made lousy railroad ties.
  • Off-the-Grid Journey: Isolation is just off the highway in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in the Blair valleys, where there are thousands of years of history to be found.
  • Beautiful Badlands: Visit Borrego Springs and Font’s Point, a vista over the water- and wind-scarred Borrego Badlands. It’s not the Grand Canyon, but it is right in our back yard and has similar spectacular vistas.

It’s 10 drives for just $19.95 for a book in a compact size that will fit in most glove compartments, map pockets and backpacks. Each drive includes history and other tidbits about your journey, a map and turn-by-turn directions. Get yours today.


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