By popular demand, Joyrides Around San Diego is now available on Amazon Kindle… no paper needed.

Open up your Kindle app, search for Joyrides Around San Diego, and download it. It’s just that simple, and you’ll save at as much as $10 over the print version… and it’s free if you have a Kindle Unlimited membership. Want to go on a San Diego day trip right now? Pop Joyrides on your mobile device.

All the links are live, meaning you can find out more where I’ve given you more to look at. Just click on the link and it will open in your device’s browser. The exception is an link to buy Joyrides or one of the individual Kindle chapters at Amazon; you’ll need to go through your Kindle buy options to do that.

Another cool feature… on most devices, click on the Google Maps links in each chapter and it will give you a live map on the Google Maps app, giving you turn-by-turn directions through the app. I say “most,” because devices and versions can differ. I’ve tested it on a few that work, a few others that it doesn’t work. Ain’t technology great? In any event, the text has turn-by-turn directions and a map, so you can get out of a jam even if you’re off the grid.

Just in case you want to download only one chapter, the original Kindle files for each chapter are still online. You’ll see them in the Kindle Store.


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