Thanks for once again making Joyrides Around San Diego the No. 1 San Diego Travel Book on 

July 1, it was 1,904 overall on Amazon, out of the millions of books sold by the online retailer. That’s pretty good, if I do say so myself, for a little, independently published, local travel book.

Not only is Joyrides No. 1, but the Amazon Kindle version of Chapter 2, Towering Old Highway, is No. 6. Other Kindle chapters in the top 100 (out of about 3,000 San Diego travel books) are Jaunt to Julian (33), Quintessential California (66) and Beautiful Badlands (72).

Jack's titles in Amazon Top 100.

Joyrides was No. 1 back in December on Amazon’s best-seller list.

Thanks so much to KUSI-TV for having me on Good Morning San Diego yesterday… and I guess the viewers thought enough of me that they went and bought books. Thanks much!


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