When I was on Channel 8 the other day, they asked me my favorites for kids, adventurers and romance… and here are my favorites for kids.

  • A dirt road: There’s nothing that gets kid away from that electronic device like a dirt road. The noise, dust and roughness of even the smoothest dirt road gets kids disengaged from the smart phone, I’ve been told by parent-friends. A good one? Try Boulder Creek Road, part of my Joyrides Around San Diego chapter, Curves, Dirt and Cuyamaca.
  • Really big things: Check out the Palomar Observatory, in the photo above, courtesy of the observatory’s owner, Caltech. The observatory has guided tours and special programs for kids. Take my Journey to the Stars, part of Joyrides Around San Diego.
  • Camping on the beach: Silver Strand and three spots along the old Coast Highway (see Quintessential California in Joyrides Around San Diego) have state parks right on the surf, or on cliffs right above the surf. There’s still data service here, but at least they’ll be in a beautiful spot. Who knows, they might just put down their gizmo and go swimming.

Good luck… a San Diego day trip is worth the risk of missing a few Snapchat messages.


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