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Dear Jack,

My wife and I greatly appreciate your occasional series Weekend Drive in the San Diego Union. I’ve spotted and collected four of them in the last year, and the each of the three we’ve done has been a joy and revelation.

I first spotted the Black Canyon trip about a year ago, and it inspired not only the drive described, but also a side trip with my son along the Santa Ysabel and Black Mountain truck trails, culminating in a hike to Black Mountain Lookout. A wonderful trip, although better done earlier than our June trip, when it must have been nearly 100F! Probably best advised only for the 4wd crowd though.

More recently we did your Japatul and Back door to the Lagunas trips and enjoyed them both immensely. Yesterday we did the Back door to the Lagunas, stopping for a hike to Garnet Peak from the Penny Pines trailhead, then on down Kitchen Creek road to 8, then retracing the Japatul trip in reverse on the way home. I’m looking forward to your Borrego Byways trip the next chance we get.


Hi, John. Hope you’ve found all the columns here at!


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