More from the mailbag…. Ben in La Mesa writes…

Hi Mr. Brandais,

We retired here from Cleveland, Ohio 8 years ago.

We have used your various stories to guide us to back-country and out-of-the-way places to have a better knowledge of the area.

We will be taking your proposed trip through Viejas and on to Laguna the first Wednesday we have free.

We try to visit some place or go see something special every Wednesday and have had great fun going on your proposed trips.

The most recent excursion was the one you laid out on RT 56 through Rancho Santa Fe, past the Crosby Golf Course and we lunched at Hernandez Hideaway and had a great fun day.

We have a Chevy Van which handles the back roads real well, BUT then, we never HURRY and frequently pull off and let hurried locals whiz by. Keep covering, and perhaps even repeating, day trips like you have in the past.

We really enjoy them.

Thanks……… Ben in La Mesa

Thanks Ben. Keep cruisin’ in that van.


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