Reader Mike sent me an email after Sunday’s Highland Valley Road story in the Union-Tribune. He’s got some great other spots in Ramona… here’s Mike:

Your Highland Valley Rd. article today strikes home. I live just a quarter mile West of Archie Moore on HV. Your route is almost identical to my weekly motorcycle reinvigoration therapy. I ride the opposite of your route, but either way it’s a great one.

A couple of additions if you get out here again. Mussey Grade Rd. makes a great side trip. It dead ends at the San Vincente overlook, good for a short break. Instead of turning left on 67 from HV Rd., turn right and then left on Mussey Grade about a mile up the road. The oak canopy on Mussey Grade is a couple of miles long. Wonderful. Stop at the overlook for a quick break. Once the reservoir reopens, the ski and fishing boats will be back and visible.

Next, return to 67 and turn right towards Ramona. At the HV Rd. intersection, turn right on Dye Rd. Follow the straights and turns to end up at San Vicente Rd. where you turn left to Ramona. SV Rd. turns into 10th St. (Hwy 78). Also note that Ysabel Creek Rd. heads South off of 78 just East of where old Milky Way comes into 78. It’s a dirt shortcut over to Bandy Canyon Rd. It’s great when your in a hurry, but I never am on my rides.

Thanks Mike! I recommend all these routes. Mussey Grade Road was at one time the main highway before that pesky San Vicente Reservoir was built back in the 1940s. I did a drive for the Union-Tribune column down Mussey Grade back in 2004; it probably hasn’t changed much since.

The rest of his routes are also great, but I wouldn’t have taken the Subaru BRZ on a dirt road.

Mike, thanks for the email and see you on the road!


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