There’s Nate Harrison Grade on Palomar Mountain, but who was Nate Harrison?

He was a former slave who helped build an early road — that’s still there and you can drive today — up to Palomar Mountain.

San Diego State University archaeology students spent their spring break studying and excavating at his home site. The San Diego Union-Tribune and a couple of TV stations covered a media meet-and-greet at the site last week. It’s a great story.

One of those stations was San Diego’s CW6, which ended its nightly newscast (the station is going all Spanish in a few weeks) on Friday night. Carlos Correa and Phil Ferrar had the story.

Want to visit? Check out the Highway to the Stars chapter in my Joyrides Around San Diego book, or the stand-alone chapter on Amazon Kindle.

By the way, I spent a lot of years in San Diego as a public information officer for various government agencies, plus I was a guest on their San Diego Living show plugging the new book. I hope everybody at the station quickly finds good jobs. They were a great team and did a lot of good stories through the years.


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