Anyone claiming to be a motorcycle enthusiast or biker or what-have-you has to know a couple of the most famous two-wheeler hangouts in Southern California.

Those would be the Cornell’s Rock Store (up the mountain from Malibu) at the western tip of Los Angeles County, and Cook’s Corner in Orange County’s Trabuco Canyon.

What brought this up? I had an email from Michele Spencer, who’s Dave Stall’s co-host on his Sunday afternoon radio shows. She was out testing a Kia Stinger and needed a good road in the OC.

I sent her to my 2011 column, plus we talked about my visit late last year (which I haven’t written about yet). It’s a great, easy-to-visit back road that’s close to all of you in busy Orange County.

I’m writing this before the show goes on the air, so I don’t know if she and Dave will talk about it, but my guess is they will.

The Rock Store is in my Kindle-only Mulholland, Mountains and Malibu, and in that format you can take it with you, even if you’re only on two wheels.


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