Bald eagles are spending the winter at Lake Cuyamaca, the delightful little lake just south of Julian, reports the San Diego Union-Tribune.

“Bald eagles were first reported in San Diego County in 1875 and have been seen ever since in small numbers,” writes reporter J. Harry Jones. “Last decade, a pair nesting in a tree near Lake Henshaw drew thousands of curious bird lovers to the area for several years. More recently, the same thing has happened where a pair has been nesting in the Ramona grasslands.”

Union-Tribune photographer John Gibbins took the spectacular shot above and has a photo gallery accessible through the story link.

How to get there? Well, follow the directions in my “Curves, Dirt and Cuyamaca” chapter in Joyrides Around San Diego. Get your copy from your favorite local retailer, or download for Amazon Kindle and head up there right now.

Attention bird watchers: Put this on your list.


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