What’s better than a picnic in the country?

Not much for me, except if I’m in a spot where there’s lots of bugs.

On my last trip over the Curves, Dirt and Cuyamaca route in San Diego’s East County mountains, I stopped off at one of my favorite spots for sandwiches, Alpine Frontier Liquor and Deli. It’s conveniently off the Interstate at the Tavern Road exit. At one time they had one of my newspaper columns hanging on the wall; I’ve mentioned them several times over the years.

This sloppy concoction is an Italian torpedo. It made the Jeep Wrangler I was driving very fragrant as I took the route, which is about 45 miles, through Descanso, Pine Hills and Cuyamaca. I stopped in the Green Valley Falls picnic area in Cuyamaca for lunch.

Every chapter in Joyrides Around San Diego has some place to eat. I’ve tried them all and managed to avoid a heart attack. Could be because I spend as much time as possible cruising backroads.

Oh, and be sure to bring napkins and plenty of those towlettes to clean up. A mix of mayo and Italian dressing makes the steering wheel sticky.


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