It’s the sixth annual Palomar Mountain Apple Festival, this Sunday, Oct. 16, at the Palomar Mountain State Park at the top of the mountain at the northern boundary of San Diego County.

This looks like a fun event for the family or anybody else who likes fresh apples. Much of the state park is made up of old orchard lands and the apple trees are still there. The event runs from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Locals are baking treats with the local apples… and giving away tasty samples! Visitors are invited to bring their own apple treats. There will also be entertainment—live music and dancing—plus a pie eating contest, quilting and lots of other great activities.

So here’s a suggestion… take my Journey to the Stars drive on Amazon Kindle, which will guide you up to the mountain and provide some history and other tidbits about this internationally known destination. If an SUV is your ride, take Nate Harrison Grade, the historic unpaved road up the mountain. It will drop you right in the State Park, site of the Apple Festival. Looks like a fantastic adventure.


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