Storms are scheduled to hit San Diego today and tomorrow, which brings up the question… where’s the snow going to fall? And how do I get there?

Probably not much in the county with these storms, which are forecast to drop snow only on the highest mountain areas. Mount Laguna and Palomar Mountain are the easiest to visit, but there probably won’t be much there. The photo here is a Saturday morning western view from the SDG&E webcam on Mount Laguna, where you can see a nasty line of clouds on its way.

How to keep up on road conditions and where there’s snow? Check out the County of San Diego’s website, Caltrans and your favorite local-news website or TV station. The mountain cameras at the UCSD High Performance Research and Education Network can give you some great, snowy views if you want to stay at home.

By the way, the county and Caltrans require tire chains when conditions are snowy or icy. If you’re planning a trip, pick up some at your local auto parts store and then practice putting them on the car while at home in your driveway. Authorities have checkpoints set up for chains in snow or ice areas.


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