First day of autumn and there’s already fall color in San Diego County?

There’s a bit on Palomar Mountain, reports John Caffery to the website California Fall Color. Caffery, one of the county’s hiking experts, shot several photos up there yesterday of native Black Oaks, including the one featured here. Sounds like a great day trip for this weekend… and use my Journey to the Stars book for Amazon Kindle as your tour guide.

Caffery sent them along to the website, which highlights fall gold in the Golden State. The tagline for the website is “Dude, Autumn Happens Here, Too.”

There are beautiful shot of golden hills in Mono County, the high-Sierra area that includes Yosemite National Park. The blog’s author is John Poimiroo, “a travel writer and photographer and advocate of California’s long, varied and spectacular autumn,” he writes.

The blog is updated through Thanksgiving.


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