When San Diegans needed a cheap used car back in the day, they headed down to Pacific Highway, then U.S. 101, and the lot run by a guy named Sailor Main.

In this KPBS-TV telecast from 2013, About San Diego host Ken Kramer told us the story of Mr. Main, who for years was one of those outrageous used car salesman that inspired the movie Used Cars.

Sailor Main and a customer. Courtesy KPBS-TV.
Sailor Main and a customer. Courtesy KPBS-TV.

In the top photo, you can see his location at 2235 Pacific Highway. That’s the Solar Turbines factory behind him and it’s still there. This is just about two blocks south of the end of the runway at Lindbergh Field.

There’s also two other stories in this half-hour show. The second piece is on a fire watcher in a fire lookout tower near Lake Morena, and the stuff in a Balboa Park basement.

Ken Kramer retired a couple of years ago, but fortunately his shows are rerun by KPBS-TV, San Diego’s Public Broadcasting outlet.


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