A few weeks ago, I posted about historic highway signs being posted along Morena Boulevard, once U.S. 101 and now the main road through San Diego’s Bay Park neighborhood.

San Diego Union-Tribune reporter David Garrick did a great story on the highway’s history, how it wandered through the beach neighborhoods of Pacific Beach and La Jolla, and some other great tidbits about this original roadway from San Diego to Los Angeles.

Before the signs were posted a few weeks ago, I didn’t even realize that Morena Boulevard was once U.S. 101. I’m glad the local coast highway and history buffs, including Dave Potter, who’s quoted here, are out there to keep the past alive.

Traveling along old Highway 101 is a great day trip. My book, Joyrides Around San Diego covers the route north from Torrey Pines to Oceanside.


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