Housing costs in San Diego have been sky-high for decades, so local reporters love it when they find something a bargain.

The latest is in Guatay… and just where’s Guatay? It’s off of Old Highway 80 just east of Descanso. Reporter Phillip Molnar enjoyed his drive from San Diego to the $99,000 listing, which you can call a cabin or the hip-and-trendy tiny house.

“Unlike Palomar, there are no winding mountain roads,” he wrote. “The road is fairly straight after exiting Highway 8 and only took a Union-Tribune reporter and videographer 50 minutes to get there from downtown San Diego.”

Sounds like they had a fun day trip. By the way, you’ll have to bring your own water and use an outhouse if you decide to make the deal. Good thing you also get three-quarters of an acre.


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