One of my favorite roadside attractions, the Desert View Tower near Jacumba, was featured last Friday in the Wall Street Journal, of all places.

Local writer and friend Kevin Brass looked at The Business of Roadside Attractions, starting Ben Schultz, who owns and operates the 1923-vintage tower. For a small admission fee visitors get a great view of the desert at the top of Mountain Springs Grade on Interstate 8.

Find out more about the tower in Joyrides Around San Diego in print or in the stand-alone Kindle chapter, Towering Old Highway. Check out my video that includes some shots of the tower.

Kevin also looks at another of my favorite spots that’s a long way away: the Wall Drug Store in Wall, SD. And SD doesn’t stand for San Diego, it’s South Dakota.

Cool story about the people that keep these places alive. So many have turned to dust.


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