The Tesla Model S P85D is 2015’s top green car, according to the AAA’s latest Green Car Guide, with the 2014 Nissan Versa SV taking honors as the best value in green cars.

The fifth-annual AAA Green Car Guide looks at “88 battery electric vehicles, compressed natural gas-powered (CNG) vehicles, clean diesels, hybrids, partial zero emission vehicles (PZEVs), and vehicles with high fuel economy. These vehicles were tested and scored by the Auto Club’s Automotive Research Center in 13 categories (braking, fuel economy, emissions, handling, ride comfort, etc.). The report also contains comprehensive information about green technologies from the Club’s evaluators,” according to a news release.

The two cars couldn’t be more different. The Tesla is a full-on luxury car with pricing in the $120,000 sticker, and is full electric with a stated 253-mile range but needs at least 12 hours to fully recharge. Versa is basic transportation even in its fanciest trim and goes for under $17,000 and averages 35 mpg on its gasoline engine, but recharges in a few minutes at the nearest service station.

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