Dad, fire up that stogie... your future car has a/c.
Dad, fire up that stogie… your future car has a/c.

At the height of the power and glory of General Motors — 1956 — the company produced the lavish Motorama shows. Surviving from those days are some classic movies such as this one, Key to the Future, where a family takes a drive through the desert in their self-driving, jet-turbine powered, air conditioned, bar-equipped car.

In the far-off year of 1976, Dad, Mom, Junior and Sis (who looks like she inspired Kathleen Turner’s hair, makeup and costumes in Peggy Sue Got Married), take their Firebird II show car on the new superhighway through the Arizona desert. After a thorough checkout with master control, the Firebird II gets permission to go into the autopilot lane.

This gives the family the freedom to enjoy their drive, as Dad fires up a cigar and the rest of the family enjoys cold beverages.

Just what we can expect in the next few years!


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