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After your trip to the desert (the story in today’s UT San Diego) or our Weekend Driver Classic cruise around South Bay today and you decide to head to LA tomorrow, stop in for coffee at one of the must-visits in downtown LA, Original Philippe’s, before the price goes up by 400 percent.

My pal Elaine Beno, the PR mavin at the Automobile Club of Southern California, sent along a link to this story in the LA Times, that the place that invented the French dip sandwich is raising its coffee price. Seems it has been pegged at 9 cents — that’s right, 9 cents — since the ’70s. On Feb. 2, it’s going through the roof to 45 cents.

Believe it or not, I don’t drink the stuff, but I think that still beats Starbucks… wait, let me run around the corner to the neighborhood outlet and check. Right. The mocha half calf lowfat with a double twist is what, $2?

By the way, a great, fun trip is to jump on the train in San Diego and take it to the classic Union Station in LA, then walk the two blocks for a French dip and jump back on the train and go home. I did that over the winter break. What fun.


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