In the rush that was this summer I somehow missed the passing of Fred Spenner and the Sausage King, one of the really great spots in San Diego. A little shop on Washington Street in Mission Hills run by Fred and his wife, Charlotte, put out what were arguably the best German sausages in the country

I would stop in from time-to-time to pick up some bratwurst, knockwurst and a few other goodies at what was a butcher shop/deli. No tables here, it was all take out. Always enjoyed talking with Fred or Charolotte and the wonderful smells from the smokehouse.

Drove by last week and saw the place boarded up. So sad. Check out this story from NBC San Diego from June 27. And another good story, a blog post on San Diego Foodstuff from 2007.

I was by there shortly after the Super Bowl was played here in 1998. I had recently visited Milwaukee, the acknowledged sausage capital of the US. I chatted with Fred about Usinger’s, the famous Milwaukee sausage house. Fred smiled and told me that a food writer from Wisconsin was out for the Super Bowl and said his sausages were better than Usinger’s. I’ve eaten both and can tell you that was true.

So, farewell Sausage King. You will be missed.


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