This week’s magnitude 5.2 earthquake that hit just north and west of Borrego Springs was in the mountain ridge between two of my San Diego Union-Tribune drives… last October’s Rockhouse Canyon trip, and a drive up Coyote Canyon in — get this — a hybrid Mercury Mariner SUV back in 2007.

The location, is just a few miles as-the-crow-flies from Earthquake Valley, so there is a history here. Earthquake Valley is the area around Scissors Crossing, where Highway 78, Highway S-2 and San Felipe Road meet.

So, do you go to the desert this week? Well, it might be your last chance to visit before it gets really hot. Temps are in the high 90s and low 100s during the day, which is actually quite comfortable since the humidity is predicted to be in the high teens or low 20s, actually a bit high for the desert. But by next week, the humidity is predicted to drop below 10 percent and temps to 113 and higher starting next Saturday. Toasty, but still more comfortable than New Jersey in August.

Advice? Take the trip this week, but stay off of the ledge overlooking Font’s Point, if you take my Beautiful Badlands trip. Cruising to the Blair valleys in Off the Grid, as far as I know, doesn’t have any place where you can fall into a canyon, but you never know where those fissures will open up when The Big One hits. And, it’s just down the road from Earthquake Valley.

Or stay home and just watch my Off the Grid video. ⚙



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