Here’s just a pretty picture for today… and someplace you can visit in Quintessential California: It’s the Coaster headed north to Del Mar, going under the Torrey Pines Road bridge at Torrey Pines State Beach.

How can all you railfans get a picture like this? There’s a bit of parking on the north side of the bridge, which on the south edge of Del Mar. Check the schedules and find the time for a Coaster headed north from the Sorrento Valley stop. Walk down a bit from the parking, set up and wait about 5 minutes and … there’s the train.

There are lots of other places to grab photos of the trains at the beach between here and Oceanside and it makes a great San Diego day trip.

One tip… Amtrak Pacific Surfliner trains back in to Los Angeles, so headed whether headed north or south, the engine’s on the south end of the train. At this angle, you’d get a photo of the rear end of the train, no matter which way it’s going.


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