As we celebrate our nation’s birthday, get out and explore something new.

Make that right turn when you usually turn left; do something different. Pick a spot on the map and visit.

The photo here is from the memorial on Mount Soledad. Hopefully the fog will lift to give you a view like this.

How about the horse and hiking trails in the Tijuana Estuary. Ever been there? What about someplace like Valley Center and Bates Nut Farm?  Or, maybe this weekend, the open house at the Camel Dairy, near Santa Ysabel?

Check out any of my drives on Kindle if you don’t have time to order or get a copy of the paper book.

If you’re not in San Diego, get out and explore part of your world. I was in a small town in Ohio a few years back and asked one of the Chamber of Commerce officials about the waterway next to the building. It looked like an old canal and I remember from my U.S. History class in high school that, before railroads, there was a network of canals through Ohio. They were used to get crops and goods to markets in the east… remember the Erie Canal?

She looked puzzled.

“I’m from the next town over, but Bob might know,” she said.

Right. Bob sort of knew and didn’t care. Both should have known what’s in their backyard.

What ever you do to celebrate the birthday of the USA, make it a good one.


  1. What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than to get out and (re)discover history in your own neighborhood?

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