There it is, holding a special place near the middle of the San Diego Auto Museum, Frank Sinatra’s 1967 Austin London taxi.  The museum even has a copy of the car’s registration with Ol’ Blue Eyes’ name on it.

Frank Sinatra's London taxi. Frank Sinatra’s London taxi.

The story goes that Frank used to dress up as a London cabdriver and pick up his Rat Pack pals — Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., et. al — at the Las Vegas airport. Apparently, Frank could slip in and out of the airport unnoticed.

It's Frank! It’s Frank!

The car appears to be in beautiful shape, with the updated look of the later, mid-60s taxis, with rounded headlight bezels, integrated grille and a bit more styling here and there.

The museum has a big Pontiac show going on, but the Sinatra taxi is part of its permanent collection of cars and motorcycles that’s on display no matter what show’s on. Enjoy!


  1. I grew up in Palm Springs during the 60s, and George Jacobs (Sinatras valet) gave my high school girlfriends and me a ride all over town in this cabbie—right before George got fired for dancing with Mia at the Daisy, so the story goes. It was great fun and we ended up at Jilly’s…..

    Glad to know it’s in a museum. It’s been a back-of-my-mind daydream to have one myself someday and I’ve been checking into it. My husband understandably doesn’t share my enthusiasm, but I’m working on him…..

  2. On the way to the date festival in the 60’s I had a flat tire a few miles from the Sambo’s restaurant. A guy in a London Taxi picked my wife and I and the flat tire up, gave us a lift into town to get it fixed and drove us back. It was Frank. We then ate breakfast at Sambo’s. He said he recognized me as a friend of Dean Martin which was true and we exchanged some ideas about pulling a practical joke on Dean with some inside information that he would otherwise never know. We had a great time laughing and talking and kept in touch from time to time. As I remember he was one hard working guy and earned every dollar he ever made.

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