What a great day today “Where the Turf Meets the Surf” in Del Mar, as the Good Guys Rod and Custom show filled up the fairgrounds. I’m told that upwards of 2,000 cars are on hand, plus vendors, restorers, a few cars for sale, lots of beautiful paint and loud engines.

I tell you, it was packed. Took me an hour to go a half-mile to exit I-5 and park the car. But it was worth it.

Lots of unique vehicles, including: a pickup thing that looked like it was put together by whatever trim parts were in the garage, a ’60 Studebaker Hawk with a Cadillac V-8 shoehorned into the engine compartment (a fraction of an inch from the block to the firewall); vintage racers, including something with a huge Packard marine V-12 that was about a block long; bucket T’s; Meyers Manxes (Manxs?); beautifully restored and unrestored woodies; and my personal favorite, a fawn beige ’63 Avanti R-1.

Hooked up with Mark Maynard at the San Diego Union-Tribune. If you go, Mark and the newspaper’s table is right when you come in the door.

I have photos and some video, but unfortunately, I can’t find the cable to hook up to the camera. Now, where did I put my keys…


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