The Washington Post has a great story on how errors in Google Maps have caused one country to invade another, tourists to look for Mt. Rushmore at a campground, hacks that place snotty comments on the Google Maps screens and even industrial sabotage.

There’s also a researcher who says that non-GPS users are smarter than the GPS addicts. I guess that makes me a pretty smart guy. Yes, I still use paper maps to create my Weekend Driver column and the Joyride Guru books.

I was on the radio awhile back with car guy Dave Stall and walked in the studio with my trusty Thomas Brothers Guide for San Diego and a couple of regional maps from the Automobile Club of Southern California. Dave and I spent more time on the air talking about the changes to GPS than we did about the drives.

Paper is the only way I can see a whole drive, not just a piece. It’s where I discover the squiggly lines that you and I love to cruise.

I do have Google Map links with my stories and the Joyride Guru books, so don’t worry, all you GPS addicts out there. GPS is a great tool, but carry that paper. ⚙


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