Beautiful summer day at Lake Cuyamaca.
Beautiful summer day at Lake Cuyamaca.

I was up in the mountains yesterday and it was wonderful! Temps around 70, relatively green hills (thanks to the big rains in May), water in Lake Cuyamaca.

And, as always surprises me, on a Thursday there was hardly any traffic, the picnic grounds and campgrounds were nearly empty. That’s one of the great things about San Diego’s mountain regions: they’re off the beaten track. Better for those of us who can get out mid-week.

In case you’re looking for a little mountain escape for your San Diego day trip, consider Curves, Dirt and Cuyamaca, one of my Kindle e-books that’s available for just $2.99.

The drive will take you over about 8 miles of an unpaved public road, plus some very twisting paved sections, past Lake Cuyamaca and through the state park. If you want to avoid the dirt road, just stay on Highway 79 up to Cuyamaca. Enjoy!


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