As I write this, a huge fire, named the Lilac Fire, is burning in the area around the small communities of Bonsall and Fallbrook in Northern San Diego County.

It’s a beautiful region of Southern California, with sharp hills and valleys that make for wonderful roads and wonderful driving.

Back in 2010, it was the subject of my Weekend Driver column in the San Diego Union-Tribune. My trip included a pass by San Luis Rey Downs, the training center for thoroughbred horses where many of the beautiful animals lost their lives when the fire burned several barns.

In 2007, the column visited the area in a trip over Deluz Road, a bit north of Bonsall. Last year, I did another DeLuz column. This area is one of my favorites for a drive.

In our corner of the world, fires happen. Almost all of the 117 columns since 2000 have some evidence of these huge brush fires. The vegetation will return, these folks will rebuild, and we’ll continue to enjoy the roads.


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