I was sad to hear this week that Tom Magliozzi had died. The laughing half of the Car Talk brothers on NPR, I first heard the show when I was working and going to school in New Hampshire in 1980 and 1981. I must have picked it up on WBUR Boston, as it hadn’t gone national yet.

What was this on the radio on Saturday morning? These guys are making funny noises, laughing and doing jokes for an hour. And also helping some poor sap fix a 78 Plymouth Volaré, if that was possible. Wow… did I just steal something from a vintage Car Talk show? Tom’s laugh is one for the ages.

The chemistry and timing with his younger brother, Ray, was without peer. It’s as if they were a great comedy team; come to think if it, they were.

One of the high points of my life was when my old colleague Gina autographed my copy of one of their books. She’d had her Renault LeCar serviced at their garage in Cambridge years earlier. Wow… so close to greatness.

So celebrate the life of someone who brightened up our Saturday mornings on Car Talk, Tom Magliozzi. Thoughts to family.

Here’s the NPR tribute. Try to listen to the whole half hour. You’ll enjoy it.


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