Back in 2005, I first visited McCain Valley, just north of Boulevard, returning this spring for another look.

The big difference in a decade was the completion of a high-voltage electric line through the area with huge towers. Of course, we need the electricity, but it’s unfortunate that the towers had to run through such a beautiful area.

Now comes word that more of the area is being turned over to a wind farm… yes, that’s giant windmills like those along I-10 near Palm Springs and the array that is at and near the Golden Acorn Casino along I-8. It’s been in the works for many years.

I’m not going to get involved in the politics of this, just advising you to take this San Diego day trip if you can and visit before the area becomes even more humanized. See Flying Through Tierra Del Sol»

If you’re interested in going by the area and seeing some of the power line and wind farms, but staying on the pavement, check out my Towering Old Highway Kindle book.


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