Minis at Port Hueneme. Courtesy Port of Hueneme.
Minis at Port Hueneme. Courtesy Port of Hueneme.

Let’s bid a fond farewell to the Dionysos Leader, which has headed back out to sea after dropping off my Mini Cooper Countryman S at the GAPS port facility in Port Hueneme (sounds much better than saying the port at Oxnard). It’s being spiffed up for its trip down the freeway to San Diego.

Mini has swell video that shows what goes on at the receiving facility. The local BMW club also took a tour and posted some fine photos of the operations; I hope my car isn’t one that has to go through the body shop.

If you recall, the Dionysos Leader popped by San Diego earlier this week to probably drop off some cars (maybe Audis or Volkswagens) at Pasha Automotive Group’s facility in National City. Here’s a Weekend Driver trip by the facility from a few years back.

With any luck, I’ll have my car late next week!!!


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