There’s the Tiny House Movement, the RV Living Movement and now the Recycled Minivan Movement, says the Washington Post.

It seems folks are turning those worn out Plymouth Voyager and Dodge Caravan haulers from the 80s and 90s into tiny RVs and setting out on the highway. The story doesn’t say how much it costs to convert one of these hulks into an RV (it must cost at least $4,829.50 to remove all the residual baby poop), but folks can rent one for $42 a night (off season) plus another $55 or more for a parking spot at a campground. Oh, and there’s extra fees if you drive more than 100 miles.

Wow… that’s awful close to hotel rates and driving your own car. And you get the joys of driving a mommyvan… er… minivan. Make sure your driver’s seat is adjusted properly so you can depress the accelerator all the way to the floor to keep up with the 45 mph speed limit. Oh, and be sure to listen for that buzzy Ultradrive transmission.

But, the Motel 6 doesn’t have that cool cachet that we all want, does it? ⚙


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