Here it is, the new Joyride Guru® website!

Looking cooler and more mobile-friendly than ever, this restyle gives you visitors (hopefully) bigger and clearer photos and text, while mostly keeping the organization that has proved very popular. A big thanks to my old colleague and friend Geoff Smith, who did a lot of the heavy lifting on the redesign. I’m still trying to figure out css and htaccess, but he knows everything.

How we communicate has changed a lot since 2003, when my website Weekend Driver first came online. Who’d know back then that we’d become addicted to these little devices called smart phones?

My first website... from 2003.
My first website… from 2003.

I’ve updated and rebranded the site several times since then, with the latest Joyride Guru® site including posts dating back to 2004, when I started blogging regularly. Anybody interested in a review of a 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid or a trip around San Diego’s streetcar suburbs?

So, Joyride Guru is still your best spot for cool Southern California day trips, twisting roads, backroads and all the great places to ride or drive. And the best place to get my book, Joyrides Around San Diego.

Actually, the Streetcar Suburbs drive is pretty cool… I might take it myself today, now that I’m done with the website update.


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