I was wandering San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter last night and talked with a bunch of rough-looking biker dudes hanging out on the patio of one of the drinking establishments.

No fights; we talked about some great roads to ride. Although they said they knew them all, I got a blank stare a couple of times, after all, I’ve been doing this for 16 years.

While they had the cool leather vests with the name of their club on the back, and some roadworthy hogs parked nearby, I’m hoping they’re checking out the website today for more info on places to ride on their day trips around San Diego and other places.

  • Palomar: It could have been the beer and atmosphere talking, but I got blank looks when I mentioned Palomar Mountain. It’s been on TV as a great bike road. My Palomar book, Journey to the Stars, runs on the Kindle app on your smart phone and costs less than a beer.
  • Rock Store: It could be the most famous biker hangout west of Sturgis (that’s in South Dakota and has an annual biker festival). Check out my book on the area; it also costs less than a beer.
  • Blewett Cutoff: For the guy who lives in Washington State, here’s my Washington drive. Look for one of my favorite street names anywhere, Blewett Cutoff Road. It’s on the way to the town of Leavenworth, which is listed in several online guides as a must-ride.


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