Every September 11 brings back memories of not only my contributions to the recovery, but those who I worked with in FEMA and the City of San Diego.

At that time, I was an on-call disaster employee for FEMA; my full-time job was with the City of San Diego’s Development Services Department. Then and now, the city has many employees in a variety of jobs that can get called anywhere in the nation to help with urban search and rescue, as well as other jobs to help residents recover from disasters.

I was called up a few days after the Sept. 11 attack and spent about six weeks working in Washington, D.C. at FEMA headquarters. When I got back, I put together this video for the city’s TV channel on the contributions by others to the rescue and recovery efforts.

As we watch hurricanes in Texas and Florida this year, remember those people who are leaving home for weeks at a time to help with recovery efforts in those states and other places with less well-known disasters.


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