Thanks to Mark Maynard in the San Diego Union-Tribune for the nice plug on the 15th anniversary of the Weekend Driver column and the new Joyride Guru book series. Oh, and I’ll be on TV tomorrow morning.

He’s writing about the visit of the guys from the “Shut Up and Drive” on Fox Sports 1 to East Grade Road at Palomar Mountain.

Yes, I did say the road, which runs from Palomar to Lake Henshaw, is “the road with the most memorials per mile.” For years, it’s been popular with the sport bike crowd for its twisting curves. I did a column on it back in 2004.

The Justin Bell and Rhys Millen show blocked off the highway and did some spirited driving in Lexus RC Fs. I’ve seen the show a few times; they take hot cars go racing on a blocked-off hot road. I went a few hundred miles out of my way last year to drive the spectacular Rowena Loop along the Columbia River in Oregon based on one of their shows.

Mark went on in the column to talk about the new Joyride Guru books for Kindle. By the way, I said in the column that the Highway 80 drive would be done “by the end of the week,” and here it is, Friday, and Towering Old Highway is now posted and ready for you to download from Kindle for just $2.99.

It’s been a fun 15 years with Mark and the Union-Tribune. The Bandy Canyon/Highland Valley/Subaru BRZ column that ran last Sunday was No. 101 published since July 1, 2000. Next up is No. 102, a VW Beetle Convertible at the beach.

NBC 7’s morning show is having me on tomorrow morning (Saturday, June 27) to talk about the new Joyride Guru series. The show runs from 7-8 a.m.; I don’t know what time I’ll be on. Check the website for streaming. I’ll post a clip as soon as possible.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the ride as much as I have.


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