Howdy, Weekend Drivers. Those of you who’ve been regular visitors should notice the new website. It’s cleaner and the navigation is easier to use. Search now works.

It’s the first overhaul of the website in nearly four years and technology has changed quite a bit since then. I do my own website, in Dreamweaver, and the change from my old version, Dreamweaver 3, to the new Dreamweaver CS meant I pretty much had to learn things all over again. But it had to be done… some of the pages in the old site weren’t working any more, or managed to have text running over pictures or the navigation, or other weird stuff.

You experienced webmasters out there know about this but the rest might not… it takes search engines awhile to catch up to the new site layout.  Although I tried to keep the URLs for some of the most popular pages the same, I had to change some of the navigation to improve organization. So, if you were coming from an external site looking for a photo or something and ended up on the home page, try using the search field on the right column.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy the site. If you have any comments, be sure to send them along.


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