Check out this story from Fox 5 San Diego. It was bad enough that the county booted out Cajon Speedway in 2005, the land is still sitting empty and might not be developed for another five years… or ever!

According to this story, the county has “environmental issues” and is trying to get $32 million to build Gillespie Field hangers and pave the area so 100 rich guys can park their planes there. Hey, if you can afford an airplane, more power to you, but this raceway was family entertainment in East County for four decades. And the guys racing weren’t exactly rich, neither were the adults and kids that came out for the races.

If memory serves, the county originally saw dollar signs in the property because they wanted to build hanger-condos there, similar to the ones that were built in other parts of the airport. After Sept. 11, the notion of having people actually living at an airport didn’t go along with the paranoid security folks.

I know things sadly went bad for the Brucker family that ran the track, but to just have bulldozed the place and let it sit was horrible. Maybe that $32 million could go to rebuild the track…


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