I’m up in the Rockies visiting my brother Phil and he might be willing to part with (or part out) his ’53 Hudson Wasp. Says its all there including the Twin-H manifolds. Been sitting for a few decades in dry Colorado air at 9,000 feet. Let me know.

Update: Phil sold the Hudson shortly after I visited. Hopefully, it’s now on the road again.


  1. Ron Albrecht

    I would say yea but Co. is a little to far for me. If you are going to part it out I would be interested in purchasing the visor as well as mounting brackets from you. Or trade if there is something you are looking for. If interested drop me a line and maybe we could work something out. Thanks.

  2. Rich Brown

    Pull the plugs, spray wd 40 in the cylinders, let it sit a week. See if the crank will turn, Half inch breaker bar with 3/4 inch or so socket should do, Then reply with results. Don’t start it with the old gas. drain the fuel tank, run some fresh gas thru, lines but not into carb till you see clean gas coming out. You may need to install elec fuel pump. If you can find a 6 volt one. I believe 53’s are still 6 volts. Be gentle, rock the breaker bar back and forth so you don’t break the rings… Check the engine ID to see if it is the 308. If it is you have got a fine piece and would be crazy to part it.

    1. My bro tells me the Wasp is now nesting at a new home. He says the new owner is planning to restore. Hope I get to see it when it’s put back together.

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