Jack has traveled around the US to places on and off the beaten track – and the Interstate highways. The Freeform Traveler is for folks who want to get away from the usual sites.

Highway signs

Feather River Canyon: Remote with Road and Railroad Legends

All my life, I’d heard about the Feather River Canyon, as my folks took the old California Zephyr train through there back in the 1950s. On the highway today, it didn’t disappoint. Read more»


Lincoln MKT and a Trip Around Washington

A recent trip took me to Seattle, with a trek cross-state to Clarkston and Walla Walla to visit my nieces. Getting me there was a 2011 Lincoln MKT, the middle child in Lincoln’s SUV lineup. Read more»e_last]

Frontier Motel, Truxton AZ, Carol Highsmith photo, courtesy Library of Congress

Go With The Flow When You Walk In on a Family Reunion

You’ve stumbled upon one of the favorite summer activities… a family reunion. All over America, especially it seems in the Midwest, big families scattered all over pick a spot on the map, book a few (dozen) rooms at usually an all-suite hotel, and show up for a weekend of family bonding. Read more»

Don't like cars or streets? Check out the train.

A Bonanza of History Just West of Fargo

A few years back I spent a several weeks working in Moorhead, Minn., and as things go in the interstate twin cities of Fargo, ND and Moorhead, my budget-priced hotel was across the Red River in Fargo. Wandering around one Sunday afternoon, I headed west to where Fargo runs out and Interstate 94 makes one of its infrequent turns before heading west across the prairie. I found Bonanzaville USA, an eclectic collection of planes, trains, automobiles and historic buildings. Read more»

Old Trace sign

Natchez Trace: Historic Highway in the Heartland

The Natchez Trace is a 400-plus mile long historic and scenic highway that runs from south of Nashville to just north of Natchez, Miss. Read my as-it-happened blog posts, starting with my arrival in Nashville. Read more»

On the floor at the Henry Ford
On the floor at the Henry Ford

The Great Car Museum Tour

As a California kid, the big-time car building business has always been a bit of a mystery. We never made it up to the plants in Los Angeles when they were in operation (the last, a GM factory, closed in the early 1990s). And I wasn’t able to take the tour at the NUMMI assembly facility in Fremont, about 500 miles from home, before it closed. So, I headed to Indiana, Ohio and Michigan to visit cars new and old. What a fun trip. Hope you can take it some day. Read more»