What? A camel ranch in San Diego County? On the way to Julian? And it’s open to visitors this weekend?

Yes, the Oasis Camel Dairy, along Highway 78 between Ramona and Santa Ysabel, is having one of its monthly open houses this weekend, July 8-9.

“The Oasis Camel Dairy opens our gates once a month for a weekend of making great memories in an extraodinary place,” according to the dairy’s website.”Friendly farm animals, curious camels and one of the most engaging, funny and informative animal shows rivaling those at zoos and theme parks.”

The dairy, opened by Gil and Nancy Riegler more than 16 years ago, has single-hump, dromedary camels that are raised and milked, with the Rieglers producing soap and other skin-care products for humans.

Open houses are generally held once a month; the dairy is generally closed to the public at other times.

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